Caring for Children’s Dental Health during Covid-19 Pandemic: Suggestions for Parents

Many parents have questions about how to care for their children’s dental health regarding treatments, appointments, urgent dental care, and many other topics. The coronavirus pandemic has thrust upon people unprecedented hardships and has also imposed some restrictions on pediatric dentists who are unable to attend to the needs of children.

We endeavor to provide proper guidance to help parents of kids feel informed and safe when taking care of their children’s dental health. We suggest parents continue reading this blog to gain information on how to manage issues with the oral health of their child during the corona virus pandemic.

Covid-19 Has Impacted Pediatric Dentists As Well

Pediatric dentists are professionals who are as concerned about keeping their patients who are the loved ones of parents safe and healthy. They have erred on the side of caution during these difficult times. They have been recommended by the American Academy of pediatric dentistry as well as the CDC and the ADA to limit pediatric practices only to urgent dental care.

The dental professionals are making every effort to stay updated with the latest information about protecting their patients during the pandemic by offering online education and extensive review of clinical data. They have even donated personal protective equipment (PPEs) to 1st responders as a gesture.

What Precisely Is the Meaning of Emergency Dentistry?

Most states mandate stay-at-home instructions, but pediatric dentists are still available to see kids who encounter dental emergencies. Incidents like a knockout tooth or an infection is a dental emergency. Parents of children who believe their child is affected by a dental emergency can contact the pediatric dentist right away by calling their office. Parents can also refer to the advice provided by the AA PD when preparing for dental emergencies.

Children undergoing orthodontic treatment with conventional braces in their mouths are prone to damage them on occasions. Although the problem can easily be rectified, it will be challenging to locate a pediatric dental professional in these difficult times because practices are closed. However, the dental professionals have set up an emergency line on which they can be contacted for dental emergencies.

Suggestions for Parents to Care for Their Kids Dental Health

With numerous changes enforced upon people, it is challenging for everyone to maintain good habits. Children are no different in this regard, and with school out of session, children are encouraged to change their regular practices and, most importantly, neglect oral health.

Parents must accept responsibility to get their children to brush twice a day for two minutes each with fluoridated toothpaste and floss at least once a day. Children must be encouraged to maintain healthy eating habits by limiting stacks and staying away from sugary foods and carbonated beverages. Having water or milk instead of juice, sports drinks, or soda will prove beneficial for the child.

What Happens to the Regular Exams and Cleanings?

Pediatric dentists want their patient’s families to understand dental care for children is a medical requirement. Despite the professionals not being in a position to see children at the dental office, they suggest the importance of keeping up healthy habits at home and to reschedule their appointments soon after dentists are allowed to reopen.

Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry appreciates and understands the concerns of their patients about the risks involved with resuming health care. Parents who have questions about their child’s need for a checkup can either call or email the dental facility to discuss the child’s requirements and their concerns.

Pediatric dental professionals want to share your concerns in these unprecedented times. They understand their first responsibility is to their patients and to care for every tooth of the child. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic and the instructions of various governmental organizations are compelling the dental professionals to limit the care they provide only to emergencies. The AAPD, which is considered the prominent authority on little teeth, is working diligently to offer pediatric dentists how their offices can be safely opened when things improve. Pediatric dentists dental offices may have a different appearance than earlier after they are allowed to open. Therefore parents need to bear in mind it is for keeping everyone safe and healthy, including their children.