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Braces for All Ages

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If you’re looking for a family orthodontist who specializes in braces for all ages…then Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Glendale AZ is just the right choice! When it comes to achieving a confident smile and maintaining oral health, braces have proven to be a timeless solution for people of all ages. No longer restricted to children and teenagers, braces have evolved to cater to the unique needs and preferences of adults as well. Whether you’re a young adolescent or a seasoned professional, braces can play a pivotal role in enhancing your dental alignment, overall self-esteem and of course a beautiful smile.

Children: While we recommend that you bring your child in for their first pediatric dentistry visit around 12 months of age or within 6 months of their first tooth coming in, typically we recommend that children have their first orthodontic consultation around the age of seven.

At this stage, a child’s mouth is a mix of primary (baby) and permanent teeth, which provides orthodontists with valuable insight into their future dental alignment. This initial visit doesn’t necessarily mean braces are imminent, but it’s an opportunity to assess the child’s oral development and plan for potential treatments.

Early intervention, sometimes referred to as Phase 1 orthodontic treatment, can begin as early as age 7 to 10. This approach is often recommended when specific issues like severe crowding, crossbites, or thumb-sucking habits are detected. By addressing these concerns early, our orthodontists can guide jaw growth and create sufficient space for incoming permanent teeth, potentially reducing the need for more extensive treatments later.

However, the average age for kids to get braces and have a full orthodontic treatment with traditional braces typically begins during the early teenage years, around ages 11 to 15. At this point, most of the permanent teeth have grown in, allowing orthodontists to tackle alignment and bite issues effectively. Teenagers are generally more compliant with treatment requirements and able to take on greater responsibility for their oral hygiene.

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Teenagers: Adolescence is often the prime time for orthodontic treatment, as this is when most dental issues surface. Braces for teenagers come in various colors and styles, from traditional metal braces, or fun colorful braces, to more discreet options like clear ceramic braces or even invisible aligners. These modern alternatives take into account the aesthetic concerns of teens while providing effective teeth straightening.

Young Adults: Many young adults who didn’t undergo orthodontic treatment as teenagers are now opting for braces to address their dental concerns. Clear aligners have gained immense popularity in this age group due to their virtually invisible appearance and the convenience of being removable, allowing for easier maintenance of oral hygiene and dietary preferences.

Professionals: Braces are no longer just for the young. Adults are increasingly seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles and overall dental health. Thanks to advancements in orthodontics, adults can now choose from discreet options like lingual braces (placed behind the teeth) or clear aligners. These options accommodate the professional and personal lives of adults without compromising their appearance.

Seniors: Age should never be a barrier to achieving a beautiful smile. Seniors are also in favor of braces to correct long-standing dental issues or to ensure their dental health in later years. Orthodontic treatment in seniors may focus on functional improvements, such as bite correction, as well as cosmetic enhancements.

No matter the age, we at Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics firmly believe that braces for all ages is the best practice. We know it’s crucial to consult an orthodontist to determine the most suitable treatment plan, and our orthodontists are trained to assess individual needs and customize treatments accordingly. The duration of treatment varies, but the end result is a healthier bite and a smile that boosts confidence.

Braces today come with enhanced comfort and reduced treatment times due to innovative technologies. Additionally, there’s a range of color options for traditional braces, making them a fun way for all ages to express their unique personality.

Braces for all ages in Glendale AZ and all over have evolved from being solely associated with teenagers to becoming a versatile solution for all. Keep in mind, braces aren’t just about achieving a straight smile; but also, about improving oral health, enhancing self-confidence, and investing in long-term well-being. So, whether you’re a teenager ready to rock colorful bands or a professional seeking discreet options, remember that braces are an ageless companion on your journey to a healthier and more confident you.

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