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Your Family’s Passport to a Beautiful Smile

By age 7, your child should have already established care with a pediatric dentist. At age 7, or shortly after, the dentist will recommend an initial orthodontic consult. Early orthodontic intervention at this age is important for many reasons. At Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we specialize in caring for your child’s teeth from their first baby tooth through graduation and beyond.

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Why Does My Child Need Braces?

Over the last several decades, more research has shown that early orthodontic intervention in children as young as 7 can not only correct mild to severe misalignment issues, but can actually shorten their length of orthodontic treatment and improve their overall quality of life.

Braces not only make your smile beautiful, but can enhance confidence, improve function, and prevent more serious dental issues (such as bone loss) later in life. Here are a few reasons why your child may need braces:

● Overbites
● Underbites
● Overcrowded Teeth
● Crooked Teeth
● Overlapping Teeth
● Gaps
● Speech Impediments
● Open Bites

The Benefits of Traditional Braces for Kids

With the popularity of clear alignment treatments – like Invisalign – traditional, metal braces have gotten a bad rap. Our team at Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is here to redeem them! Not only have braces gotten smaller and less bulky over the last several years, but traditional braces have multiple benefits for kids that are often overlooked. Our team proudly recommends them for children under the age of 16 because …


  • Cannot Be Removed. Invisalign aligners can be removed, which makes them a terrible option for kids who lack the discipline or maturity to leave the aligners in their mouth. With traditional braces, kids cannot remove them, meaning your investment is safe and their teeth will continue to move into proper alignment uninterrupted.
  • Durability. Mishaps happen, but overall traditional braces are incredibly durable and can withstand your child’s rough and tough lifestyle – whether on the playground, on the field, or during activities.
  • Affordability. Traditional braces are still the most affordable orthodontic treatment option for families. While Invisalign is slightly quicker, the cost can be a deterrent, making metal braces a great option for budget-conscious families.
  • Severe Misalignment. Invisalign is fantastic for patients with mild-moderate orthodontic misalignment, but for severe misalignment, missing teeth, or complex cases – our team recommends traditional braces over Invisalign for patients of any age.

Schedule Braces for Your Child

The earlier the orthodontic intervention is – the better. Children’s mouths and heads stop growing around the time they hit puberty. That can make it much more difficult to get lasting changes in their mouths. Schedule your appointment with our caring and experienced team at Paseo Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics and see why we make braces for kids in Glendale, AZ a simple and fun experience.

Braces For Kids Q & A

How Much Will Braces Cost? Are Financing Options Available?

Braces vary depending on what all is required. yes, there are financial options available.

Does My Child Need To Have Regular Checkups While In Braces?

Yes, it is extremely important the kids in braces get regular check-ups and cleanings while in orthodontic appliances. These appliances can present unique challenges in keeping teeth free of debris and plaque, and our dentists can help address this and help you keep your teeth clean and shiny throughout the orthodontic treatment process.

What Food Should My Child Avoid While Wearing Braces?

While in an orthodontic appliance, it is important to avoid sticky, gummy candy and foods. Also, it is important to avoid “hard” foods that could break or dislodge brackets.

How Long Will It Take For Braces To Straighten My Teeth?

In most cases, treatment will take approximately 24 months. However, this timeframe can be shorter or longer depending on individual circumstances

Do Braces Hurt?

While our team will make every effort to make your orthodontic treatment as comfortable and painless as possible, there are circumstances where the forces of orthodontic appliances can cause some discomfort. The dentist will talk to you when/if this is a possibility.