the best kids’ dentist in Glendale, AZ

Are You Looking for the Best Kids’ Dentist in Glendale AZ?

Then you have come to the right place.

At Paseo Ranch Pediatrics and Orthodontics, we are proud to serve the children of Glendale. We offer comprehensive dental care for children from early-on through their teen years, and orthodontics for the entire family no matter what the age.

Our pediatric dentists are here to help you and your family understand the importance of consistent and ongoing dental care. We’ll make sure your kids get all the attention they need to have healthy smiles that last a lifetime!

What Do Kids Need From a Dentist?

When you’re looking for a pediatric dentist, it’s important to find one who is gentle and patient, and has friendly surroundings. Kids are often nervous about going to a new place, and a dentist’s office can sometimes be scary. At Paseo Ranch Pediatrics, we have designed our office to be very kid-friendly; making it fun to come for a visit.

Your Kid’s First and Ongoing Dental Visits.

We know how hard it can be when children are first learning good oral hygiene habits; that’s why our hygienists work closely with each patient on proper brushing techniques. We encourage parents to stand alongside their children each morning and each night, especially in the beginning, and brush your teeth and floss with them. This sets an excellent example.

We want your child’s first (and every) visit to be calm and friendly. Our entire team is trained to make your child feel at ease by talking with them in an easy-to-understand way and giving them lots of time to ask questions. Plus we have stickers…yay

Our dentists know how to keep children comfortable during oral procedures such as tooth extractions or fillings and they are trained to handle any issues that come up during treatment. And of course, a good kid’s dentist also needs expertise in all types of dentistry, be it children or adults.

Dr. Jensen and his team will do their part to make sure your child’s teeth are healthy and strong, and we ask you to participate by making sure they keep up with regular visits.

We Have Great Reviews

We have amazing reviews on Yelp and Google, which helps tell the story of our professionalism and caring kid-friendly atmosphere. Just type in Kid’s Dentist in Glendale AZ and you will see for yourself. We encourage you to read them when you get a chance. You can click here to see our Yelp reviews.

Not only do we have great reviews…but our staff has comprehensive knowledge of the latest technology and dental procedures. We believe staying up-to-date on best practices when treating our patients is essential! Dr. Jensen and his staff do all this and so much more.

Flexible Payment Plans

We will provide your child with a thorough exam, x-rays, cleaning, and a fluoride rinse, and we regularly offer specials on our exams.  We take most types of insurance, including AHCCCS, and if you don’t have insurance, we have several flexible payment plans.  We want to make sure your kids have access to healthy habits, no matter your income-level. Please see below for our current promotions.

We hope you have come to the conclusion that when looking for the best kids’ dentist in Glendale AZ, and the surrounding areas, Dr. Jensen and the entire team at Paseo Ranch Pediatrics and Orthodontics is the right fit for you. If you have any questions, feel free to pop-in for a look around and don’t hesitate to call us at 623-435-0779 with any questions.  We are always here to help!